Course: Foreign Travel

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Duration: 52 minutes  

This lecture will lead you through a detailed look at foreign travel and how it affects the underwriting risk.  You will learn why travel to certain areas of the world contribute to a higher mortality.  

The issue of where someone resides permanently or temporarily will have an impact on their mortality and morbidity.  There are a number of reasons for travel risks which include but are not limited to – health standards, communications and location, occupational health and safety standards, climate, disease, war and civil unrest, criminal activity, motor vehicle and aviation accidents.

You will learn how to capture all of this relevant information from the underwriting evidence and how to evaluate the information for mortality impact.

Prerequisites (if no prior underwriting experience)

  • Proper File Documentation

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the significance of foreign residence and travel when Underwriting life insurance
  • Contrast different locations common to foreign travel, and inherent risks associated when underwriting an applicant traveling to these countries.
  • Capture and defend all of the relevant information from the underwriting evidence and how to evaluate the information to make a solid underwriting decision, through case analysis and practice.



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